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Make the team, get off the bench, dominate the game in 8 weeks!

Speed, Strength, Power....

Everything you need to train for your sport! Our training programs include speed, strength, power & conditioning sessions designed specifically for your sport.

Written by the Pros

Our training programs are designed by the Pros from the NRL, AFL, Super Rugby & other professional sports in Australia to MAXIMISE your sporting performance.

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All of our training programs are digital books, available instantly worldwide!

For Athletes of All Levels

Our training programs are personalised to your level of experience so it doesn’t matter if you have just started playing or if you have been playing for years.

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Boxing Training Sessions

Boxing is without question one of the most physical and mentally demanding sports in the world. This is why Boxing is used as cross training by most other sports.

Boxing is a physical battle, combining strength, power, speed, agility and endurance over 3 to 12 rounds. As a result, Boxing training needs to develop all of these physical qualities in equal measure.

Our Boxing training programs will get you in the best condition for sparring or a fight through a progressive 8-12 week schedule.

Each training day includes a combination of gym based weight and fitness training sessions.

Below is a list of the physical qualities developed in our 2, 3 & 4 day/week Boxing training programs.

– Strength & Power
– Speed & Agility
– Conditioning

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