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Make the team, get off the bench, dominate the game in 8 weeks!

Rugby League specific Speed, Strength, Power....

Everything you need to train for Rugby League! Our training programs include speed, strength, power & conditioning sessions designed specifically for Rugby League.

Written by the Pros

Our training programs are designed by the Pros from the NRL, AFL, Super Rugby & other professional sports in Australia to MAXIMISE your sporting performance.

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All of our Rugby League training programs are digital books, available instantly worldwide!

For Athletes of All Levels

Our training programs are personalised to your level of experience so it doesn’t matter if you have just started playing Rugby League or if you have been playing for years.

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Training Programs Author

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Jeremy Hickmans – NRL High Performance Manager

Jeremy Hickmans has been working as a professional strength & conditioning coach and high performance manager for over 10 years. Below are some of the professional Rugby League clubs that he has worked for:

Brisbane Broncos (NRL) 2015-present
Newcastle Knights (NRL) 2012-2014
St. George Illawarra Dragons (NRL) 2008-2011 – NRL Premiers & World Club Champions
Brisbane Broncos (NRL) 2006-2008 – NRL Premiers & World Club Champions

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Training Programs Description

Rugby League Fitness & Conditioning Sessions

Aerobic training addresses the foundation of any conditioning program – maximal oxygen uptake. Aerobic capacity represents the individuals ability to generate energy through the use of oxygen. For the Rugby League athlete, it is particularly important to aid recovery between bouts of exercise and to allow the athlete to maintain a high level of intensity over the full 80 minutes.

Anaerobic training addresses the athletes ability to recover from repeat high intensity exercise and to allow for efficient removal of the waste products associated with anaerobic energy production such as lactic acid. The anaerobic system promotes the development of the strong, powerful athletic movements essential for success at the highest level.

Together these sessions provide a progressive approach to the development of Rugby League specific conditioning. Each week is designed to build on the previous allowing the athlete to progress through increasing intensities and complexities of exercise in order to develop a sound, robust foundation essential for the game of Rugby League. This type of fitness is often the difference between making, breaking or missing the tackle at critical points in the game.

Rugby League Speed & Agility Sessions

Speed training addresses the athletes ability to perform repeat high speed movements in a safe and optimal manner. In any team sport, it is often said that there is no substitute for speed – these programs, alongside the development of functional and absolute strength, allow this to be a strength rather than a weakness!

These sessions provide a progressive approach to the development of Rugby League specific speed and agility, starting from the development of general speed technique, functional mobility and postural strength to the development of the multi directional acceleration qualities essential to the modern game of Rugby League. All facets of speed development are addressed, including increasing contact speed, plyometric advancement and speed endurance qualities.

Rugby League Strength & Power Sessions

As with any weight training program, it is imperative to support both strength and power development with a comprehensive injury prevention and functional development program. Functional development programs complement the gains made in the strength programs by addressing the quality and range of movement that allows all movements to be performed in a safe and productive manner.

The first 4 week strength sessions provide a foundation for the strength accumulation progressions to be encountered within subsequent strength phases through pre season 2, pre competition and in season cycles. The power sessions at this time address initial technical preparation for Olympic Lifting training protocols as well as further accumulating the strength required for participation in Rugby League. Lifts and loads are designed to concentrate on speed and quality of movement rather than high load.

In the second 4 week block, the strength program further progresses the strength accumulation attained within the initial strength phase, increasing the intensity and complexity of lifts accordingly. Reps are further decreased with set progressions and loading parameters again provided over a 4 week period. The power sessions supplement the strength gains as well as introducing increased speed of movement preceding top end power development through explosive concentric phases.

Rugby League Recovery & Flexibility Sessions

In order to perform day after day, week after week it is imperative that the athlete has sufficient, optimal recovery and regeneration strategies in place. If this is not in place then overtraining may occur leading to the increased likelihood of injury and illness as well as decreased performance levels.

If training is followed by sufficient recovery then a state of ‘supercompensation’ is reached where physical capacity is increased. If this is performed over a period of time, the adaptations to exercise are positive. However, if there is insufficient recovery then performance levels and capacities drop, leading ultimately to overtraining, injury and illness.

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Professional & Customer Testimonials

MICHAEL WEYMAN - NRL & NSW Origin Rugby League

Jeremy Hickmans from Pro Training Programs has worked as the high performance manager for two of the most successful sides in the NRL over the past decade (Brisbane Broncos & St George Illawarra Dragons) and he brings all that experience to his training programs. These Rugby League training programs have given me the most from my training and I would recommend them to anyone!

CHRIS O’CONNER - Widnes Rugby League, England

I am coming 5 weeks into my Rugby League training program from Pro Training Programs, and the gains I have had both muscular endurance, power and strength wise have been absolutely superb….. I’ve never seen anything like it… I’m just absolutely made up that I found Pro Training Programs on the internet, because I have been looking for some time for a company that does offer programs and caters for people like myself who take strength and conditioning very seriously.

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