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Basketball Strength Training & Nutrition

While there has been little research into the nutritional requirements of Basketball players, the fact they are training six days a week, often 2-3 times a day, means they are likely to be significant.

The heavy training schedule of basketballers means fast and effective recovery is vital to allow them to back up from, and perform during, every session. The primary goals of recovery are to re-fuel, to promote repair and growth of lean muscle, as well as re-hydrate.

We asked John Mitchell (international Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach) and the team at Sci-MX (expert Sports Nutritionists) for their Basketball strength training nutrition guidelines.

90mins before trainingBasketball Strength Training Nutrition
Whey protein 20g+ with low carbohydrate/fat

We recommend Sci-MX 100% Ultragen Whey Protein

30mins before training
A pre trainer mix with Caffeine and Beta Alanine to enhance work out capacity for high intensity sessions.

We recommend Sci-MX X-PLODE+ Hardcore

During training
Electrolyte/carbohydrate mix

We recommend Sci-MX ENDURO FUEL

30mins post training
At least 20g of Protein & 45-50g of Carbohydrates

We recommend Sci-MX RECOVERY FUEL

Daily maintenance
5g of Creatine per day throughout the program

We recommend Sci-MX Creatine CT-MX

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