Cameron’s Training Diary Week 1 – Rugby League Speed & Agility 8 week program

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Cameron’s Training Diary Week 1 – Rugby League Speed & Agility 8 week program

I started Pro Training Programs together with a small group of professional coaches and trainers in 2011. I just over 1 year Pro Training Programs has provided professional and sport specific training programs to hundreds of customers. I personally have received a lot of positive feedback about how effective the training programs are.

So I have finally decided that it is time to put myself through one of our training programs.

Camerons Training Diary Week 1I decided that I really want to develop my speed and agility (speed is an asset to any sport). However with all the other training I am doing I was only able to train 1 day per week, which is why I chose Jeremy Hickmans Rugby League Speed & Agility 8 week training program.

I knew of Jeremy long before we started working together. He is ‘famous’ in the strength and conditioning world for his involvement in building two of the most successful NRL sides in the past decade.

Before starting the training program I needed to do the speed and agility pre test. If you really want to know how effective a program is, you need to measure! Jeremy talks about just that in his blog post on fitness testing.

Here are my pre test results (trial 1 and trial 2): 40m sprint: 6.7s & 6.6s 5-0-5 agility test: 1.9s & 2.0s

The first session is always the hardest (I guess its a motivation thing).

I read the training program before I left for the park to make sure that I understood all of the exercises. There were actually a couple that I wasn’t sure about so I read the exercise description and then watched the video. To make sure I didn’t forget anything I put the pages with the exercise session in my bag.

Once I got started I actually had a lot of fun. I was training with a partner (always a good idea to help with motivation), and I found that there were a lot of exercises that I hadn’t done before.

It was also a nice feeling finishing a training session and not feeling so dead like the endurance sessions I have been doing. Speed training is all about quality not quantity. I actually had to make myself rest between each exercise. I am used to training to fatigue, but speed training calls for shorter work periods at a higher intensity. That being said I definitely worked up a sweat by the end of the 8x40m tempo runs at 75% intensity.

Below is a little video I put together of the session. I am pretty tall so you will see that the agility drills are a bit hard for me!

I will keep blogging about my training and the results that I get! If you have any questions about my training, or if you are following the same program I would love to hear how you found it and what results you had!

Thanks for reading,

Cameron West
Cameron is the Director of Pro Training Programs



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