Cameron’s Training Diary Week 2 Rugby League Speed & Agility 8 week program

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Cameron’s Training Diary Week 2 Rugby League Speed & Agility 8 week program

I have just finished my second session of Jeremy Hickmans Rugby League Speed and Agility 8 week training program.

It was tough to get going again. Even harder because I knew what I was in for.

The second session of this training program is exactly the same as the first week, which I think does help. I didn’t need to keep checking what the next exercise was. The other big plus about doing the same session was that my technique had improved. I was able to focus more on the coaching points that Jeremy has included in the ‘notes on exercises’ within his training program. Some of these techniques, like ‘positive shin angle’ for the three point start were too much for me during the first session, but in the second session made a real difference to my acceleration.

Camerons Training Diary Week 2For this blog post I wanted talk about the mobilisation exercises that you do at the start of each session. These are the 9 exercises, which like a traditional warm up, will help prepare the body to move quickly and efficiently. While stretching will help improve your static flexibility, it doesn’t do such a good job at getting your body ready for more explosive movements that train speed and agility. As you are doing these exercises you can feel your muscles and joints warming up (especially if the weather is hot like it is in Sydney at the moment).

It is important to begin the exercises at a slow and safe speed. As your mobility increases over the session, gradually increase the speed to make the movements more dynamic. Remember to stay within your own normal range of motion, but work to increase your amplitude (range of motion) and speed of movement in small increments from week to week. Don’t find your limit by going past it and injuring yourself. Mobility training is for injury prevention and performance improvement – not injury promotion.

I know that it has only been one week, but I already feel faster. I am excited to see how my speed and agility improves on the tests that I have done. I don’t know if I can wait 8 weeks. I think I will probably have to check again after 4 weeks!

I have had a quick check and have seen that I am in for a different session next week. Such a shame. I was feeling so good with this one! Again, if you have any questions about my training, or if you are following the same program I would love to hear how you found it and what results you had!

Thanks for reading,

Cameron West
Cameron is the Director of Pro Training Programs



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