CrossFit Training and How Useful It Is for Sport Training

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CrossFit Training and How Useful It Is for Sport Training

When people mention CrossFit they’re generally referring to a type of strength and conditioning program founded in 2000, which is used by thousands of people over the world. The firms first gym was opened in Seattle, Washington in the USA and there are now more than 4,300 official CrossFit outlets across the globe. However, CrossFit can almost be described as a culture, community, or way of life, somewhat similar to surfing. The CrossFit program is ideal for anybody who is committed enough to give it a go, regardless of their athletic experience.

Crossfir TrainingThe CrossFit exercise program is used by those with minimal experience as well as coaches, teams, military agencies, fire-fighters, and police forces throughout the world. It consists of short, high-intensity workouts which are designed to improve your overall fitness level, strength, balance, endurance, agility, and flexibility. Most workouts last about 20 minutes and can include a variety of exercises such as power lifting, calisthenics, combat sports, gymnastics, and bodyweight drills.

The official CrossFit website offers a workout of the day, which members of the community follow on a regular basis. The daily workout usually includes a warm-up, skill developing routine, and then the high-intensity workout and stretching period. But even though CrossFit is an official and trademarked exercise program, there are dozens of similar routines that aren’t affiliated with it.

In addition, there is also an annual official competition known as the CrossFit Games. These were launched back in 2007 and take place each summer. Prize money is awarded to the top-placing male and female participant with each of them receiving U.S. $250,000 in 2012. It’s hard to prepare for the contests since the competitors don’t find out what the workouts will consist of until just a few hours before they begin. This means they have to be ready for just about anything.

The CrossFit Games consist of several age divisions for males and females and co-ed teams of three men and three women also compete. Some of the more common CrossFit exercises include: the air squat, back extension, box jump, burpee, handstand push-up, rope-jump, knees-to-elbows, L-sit, lunge, muscle-up, ring dip, pull-up, push-up, rope climb, sit-up, toes-to-bar, running, rowing, barbell-deadlift, kettlebell swing, barbell-press, barbell-snatch, barbell-squat, barbell-thruster, tire flips, and medicine ball drills.

Tony Webster of America’s Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence of Camosun College, said, “It’s safe to say that a CrossFit-style program performed three-to-five times per week will almost certainly provide a weekly dose of vigorous aerobic exercise that will easily satisfy current public-health guidelines. In fact, plenty of scientific evidence suggests vigorous activity has inherently greater health benefits than moderate activity.”??

CrossFit training is typically designed for individuals. However, many sports teams are also using CrossFit sessions as a part of their training. So long as CrossFit does not make up the majority of your sport or team training this is a reasonable approach. However, CrossFit training by itself will not help your sport specific athletic preparation. That is because CrossFit sessions are designed to be random and varied, rather than designed to achieve a specific goal. A good sport specific training program is directed by the characteristics of the sport. For example, if Rugby Union requires athletes to perform a certain movement powerfully, then the training for Rugby Union needs to focus on developing power through those specific movements. This can only be achieved with a planned and periodised training program.

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