Determining Your Maximum Aerobic Speed

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Determining Your Maximum Aerobic Speed

With any training program it is important to be able to convert the prescribed intensity into a quantifiable distance or time. For example, if your training program has a 100m run at 85% intensity, how do you make sure that you are running at 85%? The most effective way to do this is to calculate running distance from your maximum aerobic speed. But first you need to find your maximum aerobic speed!

There are a couple of simple tests that you can perform in order to establish your maximum aerobic speed.

Determining You Maximum Aerobic SpeedTest 1 – The Beep test
The beep test is a simple to conduct test that determines your RUNNING DISTANCE & SPEED when you reach your VO2max. The Test commences at 8km/hour and increases by 0.5Km/h each minute up until fatigue is reached. At this point you VO2max and running speed can be calculated.

The 1.6km (1 mile) run All you need to perform this test is a 400m athletic track. Simply record the time it takes for you to run the 4 laps. This aerobic test will determine your maximum aerobic speed by dividing the distance in meters 1600 by the time in seconds.

E.g. if you ran the 1600m in 6 minutes (360 seconds) the calculation would be:

1600/360 = 4.444m/s

4.444 m/s would be considered you 100% MAS.

In my soccer fitness & conditioning programs I have provided tables that cater for both aerobic capacity straight line and change of direction interval efforts of 2 to 6 minutes from both the Beep test and 1.6km rum. I have also provided tables for aerobic power straight line and change of direction intervals from the Beep test and 1.6km run.

Once you complete the chosen test you can establish your test score and running intervals by referring to the appropriate table within the program. All you need to do is go to the relevant column and determine running time and distance for the appropriate aerobic capacity or power session.

Lee Clark
Lee Clark is the Operations Manager for the Newcastle Jets
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