Neural Warm Ups for Power Training

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Neural Warm Ups for Power Training

The video below is a series of neural warmups for power training by Craig Twentyman.

Neural Warm ups are aimed at stimulation of the neural system. In the case of power training it is all about Rate of Force Development (RFD) or, in simple terms explosive movements. Athletes use Olympic-style weightlifting as a part of their sports conditioning program to develop these kinds of explosive and functional strength, or sport’s power. An Olympic lift is just a form of weight training incorporating the competitive lifts or variations of the Olympic weight lifts.

The ‘neural primers’ in the video below are specific to Olympic lifts for Rugby Union, like the Power Clean and Power Snatch. These Olympic lifts are important for developing powerful movements such as tackling, scrums, rucking etc.

David Boyle
David Boyle is a Level 3 Master Coach and Board Member of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
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