Rugby League Training Drill 2: MAS Grids

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Rugby League Training Drill 2: MAS Grids

In your training it is important to train the way you play. This isn’t just about intensity. It is also about the exercises that you do……

I like to create exercises that closely mimic the game conditions. This means that the players are preparing their bodies for the game situation.

Rugby League is a combination of high intensity sprints and low intensity jogging. Therefore our training needs to be the same.
Rugby League Training Drill 2 MAS Grids 1 This exercise is called MAS Grids. MAS stands for Maximal Aerobic Speed. The purpose of this exercise is to increase your aerobic capacity. Your aerobic capacity is particularly important in your recovery between bouts of exercise will allow you to maintain a high level of intensity over a full game.

To perform a MAS grid set up a grid (rectangle) using the distances provided. Starting in one corner, run around the outside of the grid, running each side of the grid in 15 seconds. The longer side will be the harder run. Running each side in 15 seconds means that one full lap will take you 1 minute. 4 full laps of the grid is equal to 1 set. Perform 2 sets with 2 minutes rest between the sets.

Only progress to Level 2 when you have performed Level 1 twice successfully.

Guidelines for grid distances Level 1 and Level 2
Backs (64m X 45m) / (70m X 45m)
Ball Players (62 X 43m) / (68m X 45m)
Back Row (63 X 44m) / (69m X 45m)
Hit Ups (60 X 42m) / (66m X 45m)

Rugby League Training Drill 2 MAS Grids 2
Darius Boyd (left) has consistently been one of our best performers over these drills his target last year was 3 sets of 75m x 47m grids.

See our MAS Grids exercise page for more information.

Jeremy Hickmans
Jeremy Hickmans is the Performance Director for Wayne Bennet and the Newcastle Knights
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