Rugby League Training Drill 9: Resisted A Running Drills

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Rugby League Training Drill 9: Resisted A Running Drills

In Rugby League or any sport, sprinting is not just running. It is a technical movement.

A Running drills (or just A drills) develop basic running mechanics addressing arm and leg function required in sprinting technique.

Rugby League Training Drill 9- Resisted A Running Drills 1A drills can be thought of as powerful skips, with coordinated knee and arm movements, driving forwards and upwards. When you perform this movement remember to keep your body up tight and tall. Lift your knees and the opposite arm and then punch your leg down into the ground. Practice staying on the balls of your feet.

Resisted A drills is a variation of the basic A drill or A skip where a partner applies resistance down and backwards using a resistance waist belt.

I use A drills to develop hip complex strength and endurance as well as foundation speed and agility for Rugby League. I tend to start with 2 sets of 10m normal A drills for 1-2 weeks before introducing resisted A drills to develop postural strength, movement efficiency and hip function.

This exercise is used across the whole squad to develop postural strength and endurance but is mainly applicable to outside backs, and particularly fullbacks and centres, who tend to cover more ground at higher speeds than the middle forwards. One player who performs these regularly is Kevin Naiqama, whose sprint technique and ability is good so therefore benefits from a more loaded, higher level version to address speed development.

Jeremy Hickmans
Jeremy Hickmans is the Performance Director for Wayne Bennet and the Newcastle Knights
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