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Rugby training nutrition and supplements

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Below are general recommendations for Rugby Union and Rugby League sport supplementation.

Rugby Weight Training Sessions Supplements

Rugby Weight Training sessions combine strength and power development with a comprehensive injury prevention and functional development program – View our Pro Rugby Training Programs. These are intense sessions that demand proper nutrition.

A blend of Whey Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, BCAA and Beta Alanine together 30 minutes Pre Workout to maximise your performance when engaged in resistance training. This combination will maximise explosive energy during workouts and increase the length of time required to reach muscular failure.

30 minutes Post Workout it is essential to replenish your depleted carb levels and also supply the body with other muscle building Whey Protein, Milk Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, BCAA, Beta Alanine and Dextrose. Through the use of Dextrose we not only rapidly replenish glycogen levels, but also spike the hormone insulin, which dramatically increases the absorption of the other nutrients in the post workout shake. Combine all of the ingredients listed into 1 shake and consume within 30 minutes of your training ending.

Rugby Speed and Agility Training Sessions Supplements

Rugby Speed and Agility Training sessions address contact speed, plyometric advancement and speed endurance qualities.

A blend of Endurance Fuel with instantised BCAA’s, dextrose and maltrodextrine provides instant fuel and energy with fast releasing carbohydrates. These will provide you with a burst of fuel to train at optimal levels and get the workout off to a great start. The addition of BCAA’s keeps your muscles fuelled throughout and minimises the impact of muscular breakdown that a speed session can cause. Within the bigger picture of overall training the primary goal is to build muscle and strength and by implementing these BCAA’s you stay on track with the overall goal. The danger of not providing your muscles with any amino acids during theses session is that you go from an anabolic state (muscle building) to a catabolic state (muscular breakdown). The BCAA’s acts as a great solution to counteract this dilemma.

Post workout it is essential to replenish your depleted carb levels and also supply your muscles with amino acids to repair. By taking the exact same blend as your pre workout you provide the body with the fastest possible way to recover and stay refreshed. If consuming the True Endurance & Fuel then you will also benefit from hydration boosting minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium. The added salt will maintain optimal sodium levels.

Rugby Fitness and Conditioning Training Sessions Supplements

Rugby Fitness and Conditioning Training sessions combine aerobic and anaerobic training. Aerobic training addresses the foundation of any conditioning program – maximal oxygen uptake. Anaerobic training addresses the athletes ability to recover from repeat high intensity exercise and to allow for efficient removal of the waste products associated with anaerobic energy production such as lactic acid. Recovery nutrition is vital to these sessions.

The sport supplement recommendations for Rugby Fitness and Conditioning Training Sessions are the same as for Rugby Speed and Agility Training sessions. We recommend instantised BCAA’s, dextrose and maltrodextrine pre workout for instant fuel and energy with fast releasing carbohydrates, and again post workout.

Recovery Days Nutrition and Supplements

In order to perform day after day, week after week it is imperative that the athlete has sufficient, optimal recovery and regeneration strategies in place. If this is not in place then overtraining may occur leading to the increased likelihood of injury and illness as well as decreased performance levels. Cross training sessions, stretching and nutrition are key to proper recovery.

Breakfast 2 focuses on getting high quality essential fats, protein and low GI carbohydrates into the body. This combination of macronutrients provides a platform for the body to achieve muscle growth throughout the day.

A late morning snack provides the body with more amino acids to assist recovery and assist with muscle growth. The addition of a Low GI carbohydrate ensures you will have ample energy for your training later in the day as well as assisting you in recovering properly.

Through lunch, continue to supply your body with high quality protein and Low GI carbs to ensure maximal recovery and muscle growth.

With dinner again continue to supply your body with its core macronutrients. The addition of healthy serving of greens will be highly beneficial, as it will provide your body not only with high quality low GI carbohydrates, but also an abundant source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, essential for a healthy immune system.

Finally, before bed, by introduce a slow releasing protein you supply your muscles with amino acids for significantly longer then whey protein concentrates. This is fantastic from a muscle building perspective, as they are likely to be starved for 6-8 hours of any nutrients. Put simply this will decrease muscular breakdown while you sleep.

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