Rugby Union Off Season Thoughts

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Rugby Union Off Season Thoughts

Well, the season is just about over, and it is never to early to start thinking about next year. Ask yourself, do I need to get, faster, more agile, fitter, bigger, stronger or, more powerful for my next Rugby season?

If you answered yes! to any of these, then its time to hit the gym! With the proper program, you can develop speed, agility, fitness and conditioning in a gym.

Methods of Gym Training for Rugby Union

Two young Strength and Conditioning Colleagues of mine (Craig Twentyman ARU & Tom Tombleson Waratahs) recently developed a Strength and Power Workshop in conjunction with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association called ‘An Introduction to the Principles & Practice of Advanced Strength & Power Training’. Certainly worth attending if given the opportunity!

They themselves researched the following three methodologies into their training programs. These three methodologies were originally developed by Zatsiorsky & Kraemer, renowned for their extensive research in strength training, and ways to achieve maximal muscle tension.

Maximal Effort Method
The Maximal Effort Method is designed to maximise movement based strength.

Repeated / Submaximal Effort Method
The Repeated Effort Method is designed to increase the cross sectional area of muscles thereby increasing the potential to increase maximal force. The Submaximal Effort Method works together with this method to maintain health and regeneration of ligaments and tendons.

Dynamic Effort Method
The Dynamic Effort Method teaches your muscles to express your maximal force potential in a quicker time frame i.e more explosively.

We will visit these three methods in a little more depth next blog, or get along to a workshop!

See what is possible – 122cm Vertical Jump and 250kg deadlift by a Waratahs Junior in the gym!

Happy training

David Boyle
David Boyle is a Level 3 Master Coach and Board Member of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
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