The problem with sport performance tracking devices

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The problem with sport performance tracking devices

Is not really a problem with sport performance tracking devices at all. The problem is the perception that performance tracking will somehow make you fitter, faster, stronger or better.

By performance tracking I am referring to GPS watches, NikeFuel bands and any other wearable devices with wearable computing designed to collect data on your training and sporting performance.

But does knowing how fast you are make you faster? Certainly not by itself.

If you are training for a marathon with the goal to finish in 3 hours and 45 minutes, knowing that that you run 6 minute / kilometre in training doesn’t help you.

But if you know that you need to run 5 minute / kilometre in training to build your speed so that you can then run 5 minute 15 second / kilometre on the race day, then knowing that you run 6 minute kilometres does help you. It tells you that you need to speed up!

The first step is knowing what you should do to achieve your goal. Then performance tracking can tell you whether you are actually doing it…

So do you have a training plan or just a training measurement?

Cameron West

Cameron is the Director of Pro Training Programs



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