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Touch Football Nutrition Plan

Pro Training Programs has partnered with Sci-MX to combine sports specific training programs designed by professional coaches with specifically tailored nutrition plans to help you get the most out of your efforts at training.

Combining the right sports supplements with your training will help you achieve the results you want faster. Sci-MX uses the latest sports nutrition science to develop formulas designed to boost all your training goals. Every formula contains the proper doses of effective ingredients that are research-proven in scientific studies.

Touch Football Nutrition Plan

Our first nutrition plan is for Touch Football. Touch Football training programs are some of our most popular.

Touch Football is a popular team sport in Australia combining the skills and movement patterns of other popular sports, Rugby League and Rugby Union. The game is characterised by short bursts of high intensity accelerations for periods of between 2-3 minutes.

Elite Touch Football players train on average 4-6/week for Touch Football specific speed & agility and strength & conditioning. This intensive training demands proper nutrition and supplementation.

Sci-MX have developed the following nutrition plan to go with our professional Touch Football Training Programs.

The most important supplements are marked **

Touch Football Nutrition PlanBreakfast on non-training days
We recommend a Creatine mix to support muscle development and recovery.

** Creatine CT-MX 4 caps

30 min before training
We recommend an energy supplement and Creatine pre-workout formulation to deliver greater explosive power and less fatigue during your training.

** Creatine CT-MX 4 caps
X-Plode+ Hardcore 1 serve

30 min after training
We recommend a Whey Protein isolate for faster increases in muscle size and strength. It should be absorbed quickly to give your muscle what they need straight after a strength training.

** Creatine CT-MX 3 caps
** 100% Ultragen Whey Protein 1 serve (strength sessions only)

Dinner on training days
We recommend a gradual-release Protein to supply amino acids to the muscles over the recovery period. This helps to combat muscle breakdown which will enhance strength and power gains.

We also recommend a recovery formula for post training recovery, and to reduce muscle soreness and prevents muscle cramps.

** GRS-5 Protein System 1 serve (after dinner)
Recovery Fuel 1 serve (speed, agility & conditioning sessions only)

During intensive training (training more than 4 days/week)
Intensive training and completing in sports can cause muscle loss. We recommend an Amino Acid muscle preservation formula will help to prevents muscle wastage, and protect muscles from over-training. This should also help support gains in size and strength speeding up recovery between training.

HMB 3000 3 x day with meals

Pre game
We recommend an energy supplement for focus and intensity. This will help you ‘push’ beyond your normal boundaries.

X-Plode+ Hardcore 1 serve

During game
We recommend an energy and electrolyte replacement to neutralise lactic acid build-up and deliver a boast in energy and alertness while you are playing.

Enduro Fuel

Really the most from your efforts at training combining our professional training programs and nutrition plans!

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Cameron West
Cameron is the Director of Pro Training Programs



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