David Boyle

david_boyleDavid Boyle played for South Sydney Rabbitoh’s and NSW back in the 80’s, 1989 saw him commence his interest in Strength and Conditioning. He retired in 1991 and started working with injured players, 1995 saw him join St. George as Head S/C coach. Since then he has worked with:

Australian Rugby Union 2009-present
Penrith Panthers 2014-present
Cronulla Sharks 2012-2014
– Kangaroos Rugby League 2008-2010
South Sydney Rabbitohs (NRL) 2005-2006
St. George Dragons (NRL) 1999-2004

David has been a board member at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) since 2004 and is an ASCA accredited Level 3 and Professional Coaching Structure Master Level Coach (PSM) and studied an MBA (Sports Management). He also presents at ASCA Conferences and Strength and Conditioning courses.

David’s aims are to live life according to the core values of: Honesty, Integrity and Respect

He is described by others as an “eternal optimist” seeking to exist in a world of realism. David chooses to view life’s’ challenges methodically and approach them with structured thought and manner.

According to David, the overall goal in training is to create an environment in which each athlete has the opportunity to reach their maximal potential. This is achieved through respect, education and communication with the athlete. Programs seek to progressively overload the athlete, integrating the various areas of athleticism. Weight programs are designed to ensure transference is made to the field, track or court. Warm ups include “Functional Movements”

His training programs follow the three laws of S&C:

– Law of Specificity, train the systems used in Rugby
– Law of Reversibility, if you don’t use it you lose it
– Law of Variation, create a stimulus for the mind and body

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