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6 Week Soccer Training Programs by the Pros

Complete, sport-specific Soccer Training Programs written by professional Coaches and Trainers & tailored to your level of experience


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Netball Specific Exercises

Train smart and play your best Soccer!

Speed, Strength, Power & Conditioning

Everything you need to train for Soccer! Our training programs include Fitness & Conditioning, Speed & Agility training, Strength & Power training sessions designed specifically for Soccer.

Written by the Pros

Our training programs are designed by the Pros from the NRL, AFL, Super Rugby & other professional sports to MAXIMISE your sporting performance.

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Soccer training programs are delivered instantly by email so you can start training today!

For Athletes of All Levels

Our Soccer training programs are tailored to your level of experience so it doesn’t matter if you have just started playing Soccer or if you have been playing for years.

Training Program Preview

Our PDF training programs are easy to follow, and have everything you need to train for your sport, so you can get the most out of your training!

Training Schedule


All Soccer training programs follow a progressive 6 week Training Schedule, with 2 – 4 x 1.5 hour training sessions per week – note that each training session includes a combination of court and gym exercises. Our 6 Week Soccer training programs can be used year round for Soccer Off Season, Pre Season and In Season training.

Pre & Post Tests

Training Sessions


Soccer Fitness & Conditioning Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Soccer specific acceleration and repeat speed.

Soccer Speed & Agility Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Soccer specific plyometrics, acceleration, change of direction and max velocity.

Exercise Demonstrations

Over 100 Soccer specific exercises in each Soccer Training Program.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Training

Not all training programs are created equal. This is not Bootcamp, not Crossfit, and not just another training program written by a Personal Trainer. What we offer is Netball specific training programs, written by the best coaches, trainers and athletes in your sport, designed to MAXIMISE your sporting performance!

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Training Programs Description

Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world. Soccer is an intermittent sport comprising short powerful efforts, normally in the form of sprinting, changing direction, jumping, tackling and kicking interspersed with low intensity movement patterns such as jogging, walking and standing still. The modern game demands strength, power, speed, agility and endurance.

Soccer Strength & Power Training

Traditional body building programs develop the non-contractile elements of the muscle and as such fail to enhance your power to weight ratio. Soccer strength and power training programs need to develop the capacity of the contractile elements of the muscle to exert force quickly and as such increase the Soccer players explosive power – paying particular attention to tendon, ligament strength and core stability.

Soccer Fitness & Conditioning

Professional Soccer players cover in excess of 10km during the course of a match and possess VO2max values between 55 and 65 ml.kg.min. It has also been demonstrated that a link exists between the distance players are able to cover during the course of a game and their aerobic power levels. Therefore it is imperative that Soccer players possess highly developed aerobic capacity and aerobic power levels. In order for Soccer players to improve their Soccer specific fitness and conditioning it is necessary to develop both aerobic capacity (endurance) and aerobic power. Maximum Aerobic Speed (MAS) training is an extremely effective method of developing aerobic capacity, power and lactic acid tolerance.

Soccer Speed & Agility Training

Soccer speed and agility training is a simple skill made extremely complex by many coaches. Training sessions should follow an integrated approach where all aspects of speed development (speed, agility, power, reaction time and speed endurance) trained all of time. The volumes and intensity of each component will vary depending on the main focus of the block. Intense efforts in Soccer are very short in nature and on most occasions average 10-15 meters, as such there is a need to concentrate on acceleration drills that incorporate change of direction, varying start positions, both with and without the ball. Soccer specific speed and acceleration is developed through hill sprints during the pre season phase. Hills not only teach the athlete to stay forward when accelerating but also serve as specific resistance training session as they strengthen the appropriate musculature required to accelerate. Soccer specific agility is “open” in nature. Soccer agility is reactive, random and requires decision making from the athlete. As such it is imperative that agility drills mimics these requirements. While simple “closed” drills are incorporated during the early general preparation phase as “preparation” drills, the chosen agility drills will become more complex, random and require decision making as you progress through the blocks of training.

Soccer Fitness & Mobility

Finally, Soccer mobility and flexibility sessions minimize the risk of injury with prehab exercises. These exercises are implemented to improve mobility and stability in addition to creating muscle balance and strength in the areas most susceptible to injury in Soccer training and matches as well as promoting muscle balance and stability. The sessions provide different exercises for weights and field sessions, including the use of foam rollers. Mobility exercise performed prior to gym and field sessions are designed to increase the quality of movement about a joint and to restore range of motion and efficient joint function. Foam rolling exercises are used before most sessions and works like a massage, it primes the body for exercise by stretching both muscles and tendons as well as providing a myofascial release. Foam rolling is also an excellent method of breaking up scar tissue and trigger points as well as promoting blood flow to the muscles.

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Soccer training programs are delivered instantly by email so you can start training today! When choosing your Training Program, think about your training experience, how many days per week you can train, and what season you are in (Pre Season, In Season, Off Season)!

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