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Rugby Union Training Programs by the Pros

Complete, sport-specific and personalised Rugby Union Training Programs written by professional Coaches and Trainers & tailored to your level of experience


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Rugby Union Specific Exercises

Train smart and play your best Rugby Union!

Everything You Need to Train for Rugby Union

Our Rugby Union Training Programs include Fitness & Conditioning, Speed & Agility training, Strength & Power training sessions designed specifically for Rugby Union. See our Training Program Preview below.

Written by a Professional Rugby Union Coach

Our Rugby Union Training Programs are written by David Boyle and used by the Australian Rugby Union Wallabies. David Boyle will personally write a Rugby Union Training Program for you! Learn more about David Boyle and his experience below.

Train Anywhere

Rugby Union Training Program PDFs are delivered by email so you can Train like a Pro wherever you are! All you need is access to a gym and field.

Get a Pro Coach for the Cost of a Personal Trainer

This is not Bootcamp, not Crossfit, and not just another training program written by a Personal Trainer. Get a Rugby Union specific Training Program written by the Pros!

Training Program Preview

Our PDF training programs are easy to follow, and have everything you need to train for your sport, so you can get the most out of your training!

Training Schedule

Our Rugby Union training programs follow a progressive 4 week Training Schedule, with 1.5 hour training sessions per week – note that each training session includes a combination of field and gym exercises.

Rugby Union training programs can be used year round for Rugby Union Off Season, Rugby Union Pre Season
and Rugby Union In Season training.

Pre & Post Tests

Training Sessions

Rugby Union Fitness & Conditioning Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Rugby Union specific anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

Rugby Union Speed & Agility Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Rugby Union specific technical speed warm up and speed development.

Rugby Union Strength & Power Training Sessions and Exercises focus on Functional Movements, Strength & Power development and then Core Strength.

Exercise Demonstrations

Over 100 Rugby Union specific exercises in each Rugby Union Training Program. Includes custom Rugby Union exercises Wall Acceleration Drills, MAS Grids, Hindu Push Ups.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Training

Not all training programs are created equal. Learn more about what makes a great Rugby Union Training Program.

This is not Bootcamp, not Crossfit, and not just another training program written by a Personal Trainer.

What we offer is Rugby Union specific training programs, written by the best coaches, trainers and athletes in your sport, designed to MAXIMISE your sporting performance!

Training Programs Author

Ebook Author

David Boyle – ARU Strength and Conditioning Coach

David Boyle played for South Sydney Rabbitoh’s and NSW back in the 80’s, 1989 saw him commence his interest in Strength and Conditioning. He retired in 1991 and started working with injured players, 1995 saw him join St. George as Head S/C coach. Since then he has worked with:

Australian Rugby Union 2009-present
Penrith Panthers 2014-present
Cronulla Sharks 2012-2014
– Kangaroos Rugby League 2008-2010
South Sydney Rabbitohs (NRL) 2005-2006
St. George Dragons (NRL) 1999-2004

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Training Programs Description

Rugby Union is one of Australia’s most popular team sports.

The different aspects of the game, including Running, Passing, Rucks, Mauls, Tackling, Scrums, Lineouts, mean that there is place for all body shapes and sizes.

Rugby Union is a game characterised by a unique blend of strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. The perfect Rugby Union athlete needs to posses all 5, regardless of the level and the position played.

Our Rugby Union training programs are designed to help you reach your ‘genetic potential’ based on years of professional coaching experience, and backed up by game and training data (including GPS data).

Each training session includes a combination of gym based and field training sessions.

Below is a comprehensive list of the physical qualities developed in our Rugby Union training programs:

– Strength & Power
– Applied/Functional Rugby Union Strength & Power
– Muscle Hypertrophy
– Conditioning
– Anaerobic Power & Capacity
– Aerobic Power & Capacity
– Speed
– Acceleration
– Maximum speed/velocity
– Agility
– Reaction
– Quickness

Rugby Union Strength & Power Training

The demands of scummaging, dominating the breakdown, and tackling are specific skills that require high levels of strength. For each body type there is an optimal level of strength required to be not only successful at the game but to be able to remain injury free.

Our weight training sessions (gym based) initially develop muscle size (muscular hypertrophy) to build a strength foundation and then progress to more complex Olympic Lifts to develop maximal strength and explosive power that will translate into the game of Rugby Union.

Rugby Union Fitness & Conditioning

Whilst it is great to have the right physique, strength, speed and power; Rugby Union is a game played over 80 minutes so you also need to be properly conditioned to be able to sustain your performance over the full game. GPS game monitoring and game analysis software is telling us that players on average are covering over 6000m in a game as well as, up and down off the ground, absorbing massive impacts during tackles, scrums and in the tackle-ruck contest.

The ability of a player to have a well-developed endurance system is therefore crucial in being able to sustain [up to and beyond] 80 minutes of Rugby Union.

Our aerobic training sessions address your endurance foundation – maximal oxygen uptake. Aerobic capacity represents the individuals ability to generate energy through the use of oxygen. For the Rugby Union athlete, it is particularly important to aid recovery between bouts of exercise and to allow the athlete to maintain a high level of intensity over the full 80 minutes.

Our aerobic training sessions address your endurance foundation or aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity represents the individuals ability to generate energy through the use of oxygen.

The anaerobic training sessions then address your ability to recover from repeat high intensity exercise and to allow for efficient removal of the waste products associated with anaerobic energy production such as lactic acid. The anaerobic system promotes the development of the strong, powerful athletic movements essential for continued performance at the highest level.

Rugby Union Speed & Agility Training

Speed and Power are obvious qualities that are integral to success in the game of Rugby Union. Speed may be looked at in terms of acceleration and maximum velocity. Acceleration is crucial in moving about the field, changing direction, evading defenders and getting into the right position to make a tackle. Maximum velocity whilst not as crucial for the forwards, is a key ingredient in the make-up of a back to streak away for a try or chase down an attacker.

Our speed training sessions address the athletes ability to perform repeat high speed movements and to make speed a strength rather than a weakness!

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Professional & Customer Testimonials

WYCLIFF PALU - Wallabies and Waratahs Rugby Union Player

I have known David Boyle from Pro Training Programs for 10 years. As a coach and trainer he really knows how to get the best out of his athletes. David continually looks at ways to improve his programs.*

CLINTON SILLS - Randwick 1st Grade, NSW Shute Shield

I was put out of rugby for 10 months and wanted to keep my training up. I used Pro Training Programs to put on a lot of mass, from 84kg I got up to 96kg. My bench press went up to 1RM of 150kg from 130kg and I could throw around 55kg DB like they were nothing! Just overall strength was greatly improved with no change in my speed!!*

*Product disclaimer: results may vary from person to person.


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Personalised Pro Rugby Union Programs

To really play your best Rugby Union, get a Personalised Rugby Union Training Program by the Pros.

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