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6 Week Ultimate Frisbee Training Programs by the Pros

Complete, sport-specific Ultimate Frisbee Training Programs written by professional Coaches and Trainers & tailored to your level of experience


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Ultimate Frisbee Specific Exercises

Train smart and play your best Ultimate Frisbee!

Ultimate Frisbee specific Speed, Strength, Power....

Everything you need to train for your Ultimate Frisbee! Our training programs include Fitness & Conditioning, Speed & Agility training, Strength & Power training sessions designed specifically for Ultimate Frisbee.

Written by the Pros

Our Ultimate Frisbee training programs are designed by the Pros to MAXIMISE your sporting performance – used by both National and International athletes.

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Ultimate Frisbee training programs are delivered instantly by email so you can start training today!

For Athletes of All Levels

Our Ultimate Frisbee training programs are tailored to your level of experience so it doesn’t matter if you have just started playing Ultimate Frisbee or if you have been playing for years.

Training Program Preview

Our PDF training programs are easy to follow, and have everything you need to train for your sport, so you can get the most out of your training!

Training Schedule

All Ultimate Frisbee training programs follow a progressive 6 week Training Schedule, with 2 – 4 x 1.5 hour training sessions per week – note that each training session includes a combination of field and gym exercises. Our 6 Week Ultimate Frisbee training programs can be used year round for Ultimate Frisbee Off Season, Ultimate Frisbee Pre Season and Ultimate Frisbee In Season training.

Pre & Post Tests

Training Sessions

Ultimate Frisbee Fitness & Conditioning Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Ultimate Frisbee specific anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

Ultimate Frisbee Speed Training Sessions and Exercises focus on developing Ultimate Frisbee specific speed and speed endurance.

Ultimate Frisbee Strength, Power and Hypertrophy Training Sessions and Exercises focus on prehab, injury prevention, foundational Strength & Power development and then applied relative Strength & Power development.

Exercise Demonstrations

Over 100 Ultimate Frisbee specific exercises in each Ultimate Frisbee Training Program. Includes custom Ultimate Frisbee exercises Eccentric Pull Up (3s down), Reverse Plank with Leg Lifts, Standing Jammer Press and Dumbbell Reverse Lunge into Step Up.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Training

Not all training programs are created equal. Learn more about what makes a great Ultimate Frisbee Training Program. This is not Bootcamp, not Crossfit, and not just another training program written by a Personal Trainer. What we offer is Ultimate Frisbee specific training programs, written by the best coaches, trainers and athletes in your sport, designed to MAXIMISE your sporting performance!

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Training Programs Description

It is important in all sports to consider the metabolic and biomechanical demands of a sport when developing a program. Ultimate Frisbee requires athletes to be able to decelerate and accelerate repeatedly across distances between 5 and 30m at maximal efforts. This activity requires elements of strength, speed and power for an extended period of time. In Ultimate Frisbee its is important to develop power quickly (acceleration) and absorb large forces safely (deceleration). In order to achieve this a solid strength foundation is required, which can be found in the first month of the plan known as the general adaptation stage (GAS). Strength is defined as the maximum force that a muscle can generate at a specified velocity. This month aims to improve your bodies capability of recruiting the larger individual fibres within the whole muscle, promote Hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass), improve the strength and stiffness of the muscle tendons and to create a greater pennation the fibre structure within the muscles to help improve peak force and rate of force development. Month 2 progresses to the sport specific stage (SST) where the qualities needed for ultimate are trained. Power in a sporting context is defined as the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible. In these training days, the aim is to improve the bodies ability to still produce a large force but this time with the added component of velocity. This is related to the ability of athletes to accelerate horizontally when sprinting and vertically when jumping, which in turn can improve the athletes speed. The speed sessions aim to improve the stretch shortening cycle (SSC) of the lower limbs to absorb and then use energy in an elastic form and to improve athlete’s stride length and stride frequency (key components to maximal sprinting speed). Some of these session also require an endurance aspect as these movements have to replicated many times in a point/match/week long tournament.

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Ultimate Frisbee training programs are delivered instantly by email so you can start training today! When choosing your Training Program, think about your training experience, how many days per week you can train, and what season you are in (Pre Season, In Season, Off Season)!

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